Donate Your Car, RV or Boat to Cars for Christ - anywhere in the USA!

Fast and easy pick-up and you receive a maximum tax deduction!
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Help us promote the Gospel.

Call us or donate your vehicle on line.

We pick up your vehicle at no cost.

You get a full tax deduction.

      Toll Free:  800 -             542-9848

 Because you will be promoting the Gospel
We are dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus to areas that don't normally have the opportunity to hear the wonderful message of God's word.
 Because you will be helping troubled teens
We are actively involved in the counseling of troubled and depressed youth from coast to coast.
 Because you will receive a DVD of our work
We will mail you, free of charge, a 1-hour program on DVD about our work, which your vehicle donation is helping to support.
 Because you will receive a full tax deduction

You will receive the maximum tax deduction from your donation. We are a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization recognized by the IRS.
 Because you will get free, immediate towing
We will pick up your vehicle at absolutely no cost to you, whether or not it is in running condition. Pick up within 24-hours.
 Because you will receive live customer support
We have live customer support, ready to answer your questions.  Call Toll Free 800-542-9848  or one of these numbers: CENTRAL/WEST COAST: 281-323-9102; EAST COAST: 770-800-3485.

We provide convenient & free pickup of your vehicle anywhere in the USA usually within 24 hours of your donation! There is no hassle and no hidden costs!  You can donate your car now by filling out our online car donation form or call Toll Free to 800-542-9848 or one of the following numbers:  CENTRAL & WEST COAST: 281-323-9102;  EAST COAST: 770-800-3485; God bless you & thank you for your donation!

Your Car Donation will Make a Difference in Someone's Life!

Our mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus and to establish and operate churches and media outreaches. We establish churches in youth homes, prisons, mission fields and produce moral/religious materials on DVD and in published literature. We do many large scale media outreaches and provide materials and services not freely available to those outside the church. All proceeds from donated vehicles benefit Family Lifelines, an IRS registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are a Christian charity dedicated to helping teenagers in need, sharing God's Word with others through the creation and distribution of Christian outreach materials and providing support to missionaries of the Gospel.  We invite you to visit our project website for more specific information about the Christian productions and counseling programs that we are involved in.  All members of Family Lifelines are volunteers and your vehicle donation is instrumental in helping us reach the troubled youth of today and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your support and God bless you!

Free Service -- absolutely no hidden costs!

Our convenient car donation service provides free towing -- there is absolutely no cost to you.  

Maximize your Tax Deduction

We evaluate your donated car to determine your options and provide the best possible tax deduction. More Car Donation Tax Deduction info.

Courteous & Professional Service

Your vehicle donation doesn’t end the minute you hang up the phone or click the donate button. Be assured that you’ll receive excellent service throughout the process. You will receive a reference number when you donate your car and you'll be able to check for updates online or by phone.


All proceeds benefit Family Lifelines Ministries, an IRS registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the Gospel & helping troubled youth from coast to coast.

You can donate your car online and help us promote the Gospel by calling us Toll Free at 800-542-9848 or one of the following numbers: CENTRAL & WEST COAST: 281-323-9102; EAST COAST: 770-800-3485; to make arrangements for a quick, no cost and hassle free pickup.

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